Fuck You CCRi

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To Whom It May Concern,

This past weekend, we did one of the largest weekend web promotions. It involved the DJs giving the cue to listeners to check in with the site to vote every hour on a page on the site. Simply put, there were two bands to vote on every hour from Friday afternoon until Monday night. (It ran like a Football bracket).

This took a couple of days to import all the data in to the polling system. About halfway through the import I gave a call to Ben Harrington, our Regional Director of Operations, to make sure I was doing this the most efficient way. He confirmed I was.

Then Friday at 3.15pm (15 minutes after the promotion began), it was discovered that no poll went live. Around 8pm, and after talking with Ben and Ben talking to Russ Gilbert (Ben’s boss), he basically told me I have to redo everything. This was unacceptable after almost three days of work and confirmation that everything was in order. So because of this failure on the website, I had to come in on Sunday for six hours to redo the polls.

I’d like to know what happened this weekend? We had serious clients (ABC Television) and their money involved with this promotion and it failed miserably. Also, what can we do in the future to prevent this from happening?

Thank you.

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