the khyber recap.

the band.

thursday i left work early and drove back to my apartment. jessica was getting ready when i walked in. we left and drove over to my folk’s place so i could pick up my drums….. then we drove down to plymouth meeting to run a few errands before we headed down to center city. after a few snags in the plans….. we were on our way down. jessica had already talked to john and we were to pick him up from class. when we got down to u penn, he called and said that his class let out early, and we drove over to his plce to pick him up. we then went to sugar moms for some pre-show drinks and food. the beer selection sucked. no hoegaarden??? PUH!! jessica even drew a picture on the menu in protest. i had to leave to go set up…. jessica and john stayed to hang out and have quality time.

todd & daniel.

i got to bill’s and we were the only ones there. todd and geoff were going to meet us there. so bill and i packed up my jeep and drove the equipment over to the khyber. we unloaded, then i drove bill back to his apartment. i went to park….. but after a lap around the neighborhood, i parked in the garage across the street…. again. i walked over to the khyber, and john was standing outside talking to tom from like moving insects. he needed a kit, and i told him he could use mine. thus making a new friend….. and guaranteeing that i would be at the show until it ended.

geoff, todd, & bill.

anyway….. so i went in and started on the water. no beer for me. so i hung out…. vanessa and mike showed up…. then jessica and john came in. the big sleep played…. and sounded a lot like trans am…. but not as good. the mendoza line played and were very silly and twangy. we played…. i think it went really well. people seemed to respond very well, too. then like moving insects played. they were AMAZING. good songs…. good vocals…. amazing drummer….. and my drums complimented their sound nicely, as well. it was great. they want to play a show with us again…. and i made some new friends. you should check them out. for real. go here. buy their album. send them an email.

geoff, todd, & daniel.

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