i love the fact that boobies came after life

mat_emily_blue (8k image)Vegetables and fruits as instruments::

zuccini = hi tom
cucumber = lo tom
sprouts = hi hats
corn = ride cymbal
iceberg lettus = crash cymbal
portabello mushroom = bass drum
yellow pepper = acoustic guitar
green pepper = clean guitar
strawberries = distorted guitar
peas = triangle
onion = sitar
potato = dumbek
green onion = tabla
purple onion = flute
tomato = sax
celery = trumpet
viola = leek

So here you have it. The new and improved OM. It’s bigger and better than Tide. Props to the Emily. She did wonders to a photo I took a year ago of the Sonic Tooth. And made me a masterpiece. Mad props. Mad props.

But I do have a gripe. There was this guy i was friends with in high school. I kept in touch with him a little on & off through college. Basically right after he graduated college he got married. The sad part about it was that his wife chose his friends. Now what kind of woman does this? Regardless, i guess i wasnt on the list. Fucking bitch. She got his balls in a jar on the dresser. What a feeble man. What a disgrace to man in general. Whatever, he wasnt a very good guitarist anyways.

So the letter and number of the day is “Dont ever get married to a woman who wears more make up than you”. Because then they are either too ugly (the typical culprit) or too vain.

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