in ten days…. i’ll be thirty. yes…. it’s just a number. but it’s still a big deal to me. i’m leaving my twenties. it was a strange time. i’ve gone through a lot in those ten years. i went in and out of colleges. i’ve lived in many different apartments and houses. i met new friends. i lost some friends. i’ve been in relationships that have taught me a lot. i’ve been in relationships i’ve regretted. i met the woman i want to spend the rest of my life with. it’s been quite memorable….

so i can’t help but to look ahead and ask myself if i’ve really learned enough in those ten years. can i take what i’ve learned and apply it to my life so i won’t make the same mistakes twice? can i be the person i really want to be? i don’t know. i hope so. but there are too many questions….and i don’t have many solid answers. many of my friends are starting to do things that i really want for myself…. but because of certain situations in my life….. i just can’t do. and that’s ok. it’s not that i really want my life to be different. it’s just that i want it to be easier. and i don’t know if it will be any time soon. i’ll just have to take it day by day….

but all things considered….. my life is pretty good. i have my own apartment. i have an ok job with complete job security and a rockin’ salary. i have a car. i have some good friends. i have a cool band. and i have the most wonderful woman in the world. i guess things can only get better…..

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