The Housewarming To End All Housewarmings

the stereo machine

Well, we’ve succeeded with yet another housewarming. The house was pretty much immaculate, as well, at least prior to the party. The CD closets are not finished yet. You know how designers/builders are. But they should be done sometime this week. I so can’t wait to take the CDs out of the closet.

So the party was pretty much a cluster fuck, but I actually had a great time. We got to see all of our family and friends that we know and love and they got to share a great time with us.

Of couse, I was cooking most of the early part of the party so I didn’t get to relax all that much nor did I get to eat any of the food… But my BBQ chicken is the bomb-ass, so I was kinda pissed I didn’t get to eat any of that. However, I should have planned ahead, like Emily and cooked before. Eh, such is life.

So it’s Monday and I think a half-day is in store. It’s time to get back and open some more presents and clean up the way too many beer bottles laying around. I can’t believe all the great gifts we’ve received. Our friends rule.

And just as I was finishing writing this, Lisa from DC101 came up to my office to drop off a gift. She rules. She couldn’t make it because we was sick. But we got to talk a bit about Yom Kippor and her new Reconstructionist Temple.

So yes, I am mad tired and sore, but it was well worth it. Emily is at home recovering from last night’s Chocolate Martinis. And I am sure I’ll be feeling the pain pretty soon.

The pictures are here. Thanks to Becca and Joey for photo contributions.

And thanks to Al for the great review of the event. He sure summed up the night a helluva lot better than I.

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