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peter max

Holy god. I just walked in to work and I heard Peter Max on the radio. As I was walking in to check my mailbox, I saw him walking down the hall. I introduced myself and he shook my hand. He kept saying to come out to the show tonight at 6pm.

I can’t believe I just shook hands with Peter Max. Of all the people I’ve met at work, I think this was the coolest.

In other news the DNC came to our door the other night. I always stumble with these random solicitors. I deal with the chuch people much better. At least dealing with them to fuck off is usually more simple. I didn’t have any cash for the DNC, but he kept talking nor did I even want to give to them nor did I plan on giving to them. Then Emily came down the stairs and ripped shit up. “Thanks for coming by. We don’t support Kerry and we give to Move On“. Wham bam, thank you ma’am. Emily did the drive-by shooting for the door-knocker. She should write a book.

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  • i heard him this AM too – although I didn’t think it was fun to listen to him. i love his work, and he’s a damn legend, obviously, but there’s only so much arrogant artsist shit I can stand. Even when it’s Peter Max.

  • You don’t support Kerry, and you don’t support Bush?

    I guess my concern is “who do you vote for?”
    I’m not a full Kerry supporter, but I’d rather him than Bush.

    And if I vote other than those two, it’d be taking away from the whole “getting Bush out” movement…. Cause a vote the third way is like a vote for Bush (in that it doesn’t go toward Kerry).

    What to do? What to do?

  • that’s exactly it…

    while i have an anti-bush bumper sticker, a lot of people assume that means i support kerry. that is completely not the case….

    however i support him more than i do with bush… but it’s all relative…

    i still fully believe that Frank Zappa would be best as President…

  • i think my exact words were “we don’t give to the dnc. we give to moveon. we don’t like kerry, but we’re going to vote for him anyway.” if that clarifies anything.

    my real point is that the dnc pussyfooting pisses me off and i didn’t want to give them money. of course i’m voting for kerry. nader’s pissing me off too.

  • ha!

    i feel the same way. my mom and i were talking about it on saturday, and she’s a little more undecided than i gave her credit for. i said, “kerry may be just as bad, i don’t know, but i don’t want another 4 years like we’ve been having.”

    she agreed. i almost ran off the road. she may well still vote bush, but i’m confident that she won’t feel good about it.

  • You know, if you were in Virginia I would probably lecture you on even the appearance of non-support of Kerry. But man, you are in DC where Kerry currently has a 67 point LEAD. So, like, vote for Harry the Harry Ape if it turns you on, man.

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