stone in love while clapping, of course

Al: I [heart] that my boss is sitting alone in his office right now clapping his hands and saying “it’s all coming together” to himself.

Mat: i do that daily…

Al: hahaha, I can so picture it.

Mat: desk jobs do weird things to people…

Al: I think it’s the clapping part that cracks me up the most. When I say that I usually just rub my hands together like a mantis.

Mat: hey man… people should clap in the workplace more often… dont bust it until you try it…

This got me thinking. Why don’t people clap more at work. I know I sure clap at work. Espcially when listening to Journey. Like Stone in Love. Such a good song. Maybe not the best hand clapping song, but you get the idea. Perhaps it’s also the idea that it’s Journey and you just can’t mess with a singer who took estrogren to get his voice to higher notes. So why don’t people clap more in the work place? Who knows. Who cares. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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