frankie should lip sync like ashlee simpson on snl

So we made it through the night.

We went to bed around 11pm. Frankie howled and cried and barked for about 15 minutes until she tired. Then she finally fell asleep.

Around 5am, she got restless and woke up and started the barking again. I guess she gets lonely in the crate all alone there in the yellow room. So I went in there and slept on the couch next to Frankie, to keep Emily’s sanity and to calm Frankie down. That seemed to mellow her out. And Emily seemed to be well rested for day one of Frankie, so that was a good thing and I am proud and thankful of Emily for taking care of Frankie all Sunday while I had rehearsal…

This morning I woke up at 7ish after Emily jiggled me up. I took Frankie out and walked around the block. She makes funny noises too, like “oink” sounds and snorts and whatnot. It’s kinda cute. So she peed twice. Because once was not enough. She pooped like soft serve ice cream. It was kinda icky, but I am sure it’s just her nerves and it will get better. It’s weird how she pooped, because she hasn’t eaten much at all… And for that matter, she hasn’t had that much water either. Where is is coming from?!

Poop is a wild wild thing.

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  • she’ll adjust. it’s nerves, most likely. nervous people have nervous poo, so why not dogs?

    about the barking, though, she’s going to have to do that until she gets adjusted to her crate. i know it’s unnerving, and i cried when i had to do it with charlie j, but now, he’s totally chill about being in his crate at night. it really only took a couple of nights for him to get used to it.

    where are you keeping her crate?

  • we’re keeping the crate in the guest bedroom on the 2nd floor… like the rescue suggested

    i am mostly just worried about her not eating, but i am sure she’ll start eating again…

    luckily, my best friend is a vet and becca’s roomate is a vet as well


  • yeah, i’ve heard that beagles tend to howl a lot and cry when they’re lonely. it sounds like you guys are taking the commitment of a new pet pretty seriously, though, so you should be able to handle it.

  • she’s not much of a howler… she cries and whines when she wants us… but it’s all expected since she’s still very new to our house…

    she’s a trooper and will get better!! 😉

    she’s frankie!

  • oreo’s about 6 or 7 pounds, and she poops at least 3 times a day (good sized logs) even when she doesn’t eat more than a handful of food. it’s defintely a crazy phenomenon but then remember how we used to joke about all the food you were able to eat and yet stay so skinny – how it went into another dimension or something? Maybe she’s your other dimension!
    or maybe she’s just eating the cats’ food when you’re not looking:>

  • good luck with Frankie and Emily

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