communist bakesale

communist bake sale

It’s been about a year since I played a show with a band. I have been playing with a few musicians in the mean time. Some more motivated than others. Of course that does not reflect the music created, but there are different types of bands. Bands to mess around with and record now and then and then there are bands that go out and play shows and record and tour.

So there was a band I was hired to run sound for off and on (and recorded a demo for) and they decided to do an overhaul and reorganize. They had two drummers, but they wanted to just have one as their vision as a band had completely changed since their inception. They asked me to start playing with them a few weeks ago and we started practicing. Things appeared to be going very well and we booked a show and they asked me to play it.

This show was this weekend in St. Mary’s County Maryland. It was basically a Halloween House Party. Overall it was a killer great show. I was totally impressed that I got through one song that was more or less a drum & bass song at a tempo that was pushing my skills as a drummer. I totally hit it in the pocket and even got to improvise a bit which made the whole weekend that much more worth it.

It’s great to be in a band again. Not to mention playing with musicians that are insanely incredible.

I finally feel like my life is coming together. I have a wonderful and beautiful soon-to-be-wife, a house, a dog, a business that is finally making some cashola, my head is clear and a great band. What else could a man want? I guess some free time would be nice. It’s been about a year since we both had some good down time. Maybe this winter we’ll finally get some.

I don’t need no stinking white picket fence.

Pictures here. And many more to come.

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  • woah, so Eric’s in the band too? awesome! sorry I couldn’t make it to the show, hopefully next time you guys play out.

  • sure is.

    and he’s one mean guitarist. he’s aiding my love for guitar again…

    we actually have a show on the 4th of December in Hampden at Fraziers… you should come out!


  • Great job Saturday, Mat! You’re reminding me how much I love the ‘1’ in rock music ;).

    Science Project will be the death of us all…that damn Myatt!

    See you tomorrow (discs in hand)…

    Go Kerry!

  • Didn’t James Brown put the “1” in funk? Not sure if it’s in rock. But I will single handedly be changing that…

  • Woah . Awesome! .. I wanna see you guys. I totally plan on coming to the show in December.

    see ya’ll at the Election Potluck!

  • True, true (re: funk v rock) but you know what I mean!

  • where the hell is hampden??? if it is near baltimore i’ll need some liquid courage to get me there… or a ride.

  • it’s in the city of baltimore…

    like foggy bottom is in dc…

  • Hampden is in Northern Baltimore, hon. If go through the harbor area, you can follow signs to 83 via Gay St. Take 83 North to the Falls Road exit, which is just after the Druid Park exit. Once you are on the exit, take a right at the first light onto Roland Ave. Frazier’s is a couple of blocks up on the right, just past the Royal Farms (which is on the left).

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