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glen echo carosel

So it’s been 3 days and the world has not blown up. This is a good sign.

The other day we went to a photographer’s studio to basically interview him to see if he had what it takes to photograph our wedding. He turned out to be great. Totally shoots outside of the box. And doesn’t give packages. He also realized that we new all the photo talk and after that he wasn’t condescending. He was cool and his archetecture photography was phenomenal. What blew my mind away was this shot of a bride next to a castle looking building. The amazing thing about it was that it was shot with color inferred slide film. The colors were just so odd and bold. But very cool. The only bad thing was that he gave Emily a bridal magazine. But I think we can pass that one by.

And next week we’re meeting with a person at Glen Echo. I really hope this works out as that venue is wonderful.

We’re so going to have the best wedding ever.

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