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Friday just as I am leaving work I get an email from David. He wanted to know if I wanted to start the project we had talked about for a few weeks. We had both wanted to do some sort of photography project and then have a show at the Electric Maid in Takoma. We both had ideas of our own but came up with shooting gas stations at the break of dawn. So I got the email and then called him as soon as I got home. We decided to get together at 6am on Saturday morning. Dawn is such an interesting time to shoot pictures.

I actually fell asleep early on Friday night so waking up at 6am was not a big deal. I woke up, slapped some clothes and got my gear and headed out to the car. Thank goodness David just lives just over the boarder in to MD in Takoma Park. Actually he lives in the apartment right under where Emily used to live. So it was just a brief drive, barely enough for the heat to warm up in my car. Since David’s car smelled like it was burning oil we took my car and drove down to University Blvd near Silver Spring or Adelphi. Once we got to the first station on the list, we got out and loaded up the film. After the first shot, I realized my Lomo’s battery was not working. Damnit. So our project had to be modified a bit. I had to use my Nikon with the 17-35mm lens. Which at 35mm has some similar properties of the lomo sans the color saturation.

We hit up the obvious Shell, Exxon, Citgo, & BP stations. But the great stations were the off-brands. King Gas (my personal favorite), Lowest Price Gas, & University Gas (where all the cabbies seem to get their gas). Those were the stations that were put on pause from the 1970s. They had very angular tops and old pumps. There was just this amazing charm to them that the newer stations just didn’t have.

After the shoot we hit up the bagel place in College Park. It couldn’t have been any earlier than 8am. We ate bagels and drank coffee and talked politics and childhood vacations. It also happened to be the hang out for all the cops in the area. I hadn’t been to this bagel place in years. Most likely since college. But it was a good bagel place. I might nominate it as the 3rd best in the area in my list of the best bagel places in the DC Metro area.

The rest of the weekend was equally as productive. Saturday during the day while Emily was trying on wedding dresses with her Mother in Baltimore the band came over to learn some new songs. We learned 2 new songs and started one more. Talk about the music machine. After practice I went to CVS to pick up my pictures. David and I decided from the get go that we weren’t going to use professional photo finishing. Just run of the mill. Which fits in nicely with Lomo shots. But the funny thing was that David came to pick up his pictures at the same time as me. Weirdness. After that and dinner Emily and I went to the video store to pick up the 3rd Lord of the Rings movie. I fell asleep after about 30 minutes. Not because it was a crappy movie but because I woke up at 6am that morning.

Sunday was spent playing with Frankie a ton because it was more beautiful than life outside and a bit of gardening was done. Our garden is going to rule. Or more so, Emily’s garden is going to rule. I also started working on the window shutter panels for the studio and ordered one more panel that should come this week. And at night we started working on our infamous apple maple perserves. 23 half-pints? It’s so tasty! In between that I finished watching the 3rd Lord of the Rings movie. It was good, but it wasn’t as good as the first one. Such is life. Have a good week.

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