rediscover glen echo park

glen echo park circa 1960s

Yesterday, after work we headed over to Glen Echo Park which is just between Bethesda, MD and DC. It was this great old park from the 20s that basically lost funding and in turn became dilapidated. In the late 60s it was abandonded.

But somewhere between the 60s and the early 80s it was reopened and partially rebuilt. I remember going there as a kid every summer with my Grandmother. The carosel was breathtaking. Among the other typical amusement park type entities. And it’s been totally refurbished in the past 10 years or so. I was so amazed as I hadn’t been there in 15 years or so.

So we have decided to have our wedding reception there. Our intuition is right on. And it was actually a recommendation from my Mother. We’re actually going to have it in the old Bumper Car Pavilion. We found out last night with the tour was that it was the 2nd bumper car place ever made. Having history makes it that much more magical. And we’ll actually get married above the old Crystal Pool that got recently filled in. It’s now a large open flat field with trees surrounding it. If it rains we’ll get married in the old Cuddle Ups Pavilion. So we have a backup.

The Glen Echo people are just so amenable to thinking outside of the box and working with us. We really had such a good feeling going in to it. It’s a magical place, there are tons of artists always walking around, it’s part of my childhood and Emily fell in love with it. It’s just perfect.

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