Four bottles of a specialty Belgian brew

This past weekend was the first weekend in months that we had zero obligations, appointments or friends to hang out with. It was amazing.

Saturday we went to the bank to set up a few savings and a checking accounts. Emily said she had the best banking experience of her life. It was pretty good for me, too. She got free asian themed checks and I got these colorful art deco looking checks. We also got our pictures taken for our check cards. I love when people’s pictures are on their credit/check cards. So it’s time to say goodbye to Chevy Chase Bank. Hello Bank of America. After that we headed up 355 to the Rockville. Never again will we hit up Rockville on the weekend. The traffic is fucking insane. Like fucking insane! But it didn’t ruin our day. We even ate at Chipotle and it was yummy good! We also picked up a smaller crate for Frankie. The one we had before was for a 40 pound dog and our dog is 19 pounds and decided that was one of the reasons he was poohing in there. So hopefully this crate (for a 25 pound dog) will work out much better for the both of us…

Saturday night we headed to the Brickskeller with Lisa and Mike for her Birthday. It was a quaint night on the town with good friends. We even got a little more insight on what Mike does. But not really at all. We just understand his work woredrobe a little more. I got to drink two really good lagers. One was from Oregon that was incredible. Our waiter was really knoweldgable with the beers and made great suggestions. Except for that not so good Mocha Stout. I think I am going to come back for some of the upcoming beer tastings. Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Sunday was spent cleaning like a mofo. We didn’t get everything done, but the priority of the weekend wasn’t to get anything done, it was simply based in relaxation. A lot of the day was spent on the futon watching Kids in the Hall and West Wing DVDs. After a while I headed over to the parents house to pick up a tree trimmer and to drop off the theatre tickets I got them at work. I brought Frankie with me and my mother actually let Frankie roam the house without a leash. It was great. I am so happy the parents love our dog!

And Sunday night I found this site while IMing with Gordon that had all these amazing quality Smashing Pumpkin demos and rare live songs. I actually had most of this stuff from my tape trading days, but they were never great quality. They were good – actually really good, but obviously a few generations from the source. These recordings I found were from the source directly. It’s amazing what can get lost in the duplication process…

Have a good week.

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  • hehehe. I think i like being obscure. If i had a normal job with no types of clearances, I’d probably be just as confusing in trying to relay what I really do with that as well.

    Some day you’ll figure it out .. just keep asking me more directed questions sometime. I read a lot of technical communications and information security related documents. (so there’s another piece for ya)

  • mike works for the commies.

  • actually its quite the opposite. In fact i’m thinking thats about the most 180degree comment you could have made emily.

  • you would say that, you commie pinko.

  • in soviet russia the pinko’s commie you!!!!

  • Ahhh… Oregon Beers! Amen.
    Oregon a place where the beer flows like wine!

    See now more of a reason to come out west! GO WEST LOYD!

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