help mat win a free iPod

OKK, so I’m doing the get-a-freeiPodd thing. Basically, if you haven’t heard about it, the way it works is like this: you sign up for one of several services (you can cancel if you like – and which I plan to do) including a subscription to the New York Times, trying out Blockbuster’s new by-mail rental service (aka Netflix for Christians), a coffee subscription, etc, then get five friends to do the same thing. When five friends do the same thing, you get your iPod.

Yeah I was suspicious too. I am the first person to smell a scam. But my friend who worked with me at Discovery Channel did it and it worked. It’s not one of those things where someone tells you, “My friend’s cousin’sroommate’ss gerbil did it and it works!” And there are enough big names involved – CNN gave this a thumbs up and Wired did a review of it and says it’slegitimatee. So I’m convinced it’s on the level. If not, the worst that can happen is that I get 3 “rated” movie rentals from Blockbuster. Big deal.

But why not try? And help a brother get an iPod. Yes, I am moving in to the digital age. Hold my hand, god dammit and help Mat fill up his iPod with super hi-bit MP3s!!!

Click here to get on your way to a free iPod!

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  • update: 5 people have already signed up! you guys rule. but it can’t hurt for other to sign up… one person has already completed their offer! the others are still pending and/or havent completed their offer… and might take two weeks after you have…

    thanks so much guys and gals and keep it up!


  • I’d sign up but I’ll have plenty of money for an iPod once this deal with a well-to-do Nigerian goes through…

  • Update: 8 signups. 11 signups.

    Now let’s see who actually follows through. That’s the true test.

    Thanks everyone!

    PS. Zac, well good for you Mr. Money Bags. Wanna buy me one?

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