happy september

10 Random Facts about me

10. i took piano lessons for 6 years
09. poison was my first concert
08. i read manuals to electronic devices (regardless if i own the item or not) like other people read murder mysteries
07. I love vegan cuisine
06. My So Called Life is a way of life
05. I liked High School
03. I had a thing for blondes in high school
02. I have taken dozens of rolls of film on my Lomo, yet only have developed 2
01. I want a puppy

9 Places I’ve Visited

09. baltimore
08. montreal
07. vermont
06. boston
05. tennessee
04. dupont circle
03. mazza gallery
02. boston museum of science
01. this section is kinda boring

8 Things I want to do before I die

08. get my pilots license
07. work for the united states postal service
06. take classes in meteorology
05. get a masters degree in Ethnomusicology from Wessleyan
04. find that huge rock in Australia
03. Make a living off my recording studio
02. work for the peace corps
01. learn to play the french horn

7 Ways to win my heart

07. good food
06. large words
05. soul
04. a good walking stride
03. revolution in the heart
02. good hair
01. understanding of Jewish culture outside of Seinfeld

6 Things I believe in

06. love
05. music
04. music
03. karma
02. music
01. curly fries

5 Things I’m afraid of

05. snakes
04. suffocating
03. drowning
02. breaking a bone
01. my house falling over

4 Of my Favorite Items in my bedroom

04. my BED
03. air conditioning unit
02. windows
01. emily!

3 Things I do everyday

03. brush my teeth
02. shit (ideally)
01. eat

2 Things I am trying not to do right now this moment

02. bite my nails
01. poop (it’s just not optimum time yet)

1 Person I want to strangle

01. Joe

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