Caco: on NYC?

From the words of our adjunct writer, Caco:


I was hanging out after the doughty gig at the bowery ballroom in new york city, when he enthusiastically cried, “mather zickel!”

the name rang a bell, and as the memory solidified in my mind, I said, “how do you know mather zickel?”

why, I know him through peter mack,” doughty said, indicating a man standing next to mather. peter and I shook hands.

then doughty said, “caco, how do *you* know mather zickel?”

high school,” I shrugged.

as he listened to our conversation, mather’s face went through
several contortions. suddenly, his hand shot out and he spluttered,
carolineCACO?!!… you look exactly the same!”

mather and I talked for a long time. we had a lot to catch up on, as it’s been about 14 years since we were teenaged thespians at pomfet

at one point, peter and I got to talking and he said he knew my
company, drumbeat digital. “nah, you know drumbeat 2000, the macromedia software,” I said dismissively.

NO! I do know drumbeat digital. my company, templar studios, made your company’s logo!” peter said. “do you know johnlouis petitbon? he hired us.”

jlp was drumbeat’s art director in the early days. now he has his own firm, radicalfringe. peter really did know drumbeat!

here’s a picture of of mather. he’s the dark, adorable one on the far left.

a cartoony representation of peter mack appears on the templar site, along with his bio. scroll down. he’s the guy drinking coffee and staring at an orange mac — of course! — computer.

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