asahi pentax spotmatic

asahi pentax spotmatic1/60 sec.

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  • you know. I really love very close in photography. I need to talk to you about that sometime. One of the 1000 hobbies i’d like to adopt if i can ;).

  • Dude, it’s totally post modern

    Does the ‘2’ being lit up have any significance?

  • Mike – Not sure i’d have that much insight as this is something completely new to me… But i have found it’s all about small aperatures for that tiny depth of field.

    Eric – the “2” has little significance – I was aiming for the shallow depth of field to be around the orange diamond and the grit on the lens mount.

  • Hehe, any insight you have will be more than i know. I’m more wondering what equipment i’d need. After that I’m pretty DIY, experimenting with stuff. Thats more what i’m thinkin you’d probably be good to ask about.

  • I can totally help you pick something out. In fact the camera in the shot is a great camera to start with that will last your lifetime and your childrens… And it’s cheap!

    And that’s good you have the idea of experimenting as that’s the only way to get better in photography, I have found…

  • don’t you mean large apertures for shallow depth of field, mat?

  • well the number is small… the aperature’s physical size is large… it’s backwards in relation… right?

  • i have one of those! i just downloaded the manual for it yesterday!

  • Ah the grit…very cool.

    All around some excellent photos the past few days.

  • oh, i forgot – i also used a tissue over the light source (hallogen light for reading above the bed) to diffuse the hard light and shadows…

    ps. thanks eric!
    pps. glad you finally got one, daniel

  • yeah, that’s right. just giving you a hard time 😉

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