Now it can be told… Unexpurgated!

It’s not like I’ve consciously decided to stop writing words here. Well, maybe a little. But I think after 4 or 5 years of this you start to feel obligated. It’s not like it’s a burden to write here, I just sometimes go through dry spells usually when it’s really hectic in my life. I also think taking pictures is more pleasing to my eye right now. Deal. I know you are crying.

In other news, Xmas was great. There are pictures here. We both survived it great. And learned a new trick for training Frankie from Nan. Emily got me this awesome Devo DVD called “The Complete Truth about De-Evolution – Men or Aliens” and The 30th Anniversary Special Edition of Wattstax which if you didn’t know was the Black Woodstock in the early 70s. These items were not even on my Amazon Wishlist, but they were perfect! Better than perfect. She also got me a Palm Pilot. I’ve always kinda wanted one and since I am pretty bad with scheduling and remembering things, it was a wise buy! Especially once the studio gets up and running hardcore to manage my clients and with my new real job with all the travel and meetings. I am kinda addicted to it now. Not to mention the cool games like Spy Hunter and Tetris I’ve found. And I’ve finally figured out how to use it correctly. I’ve decided (and the Palm customer service people confirmed) that Microsoft programs on Macs just don’t work the way they should. So I decided to stop syncing my Palm with Entourage (Mac’s version of Outlook) and start using Mac’s Mail program with iCal and Address Book and iSync. And it’s working perfectly. It’s so easy too with iSync. If only Windows could come up with something so efficient and usable.

Other than that, I started a body cleansing diet (it’s basically a slower and more healthy colon blow). I am taking these herbal supplements to clean out and flush my body. It’s the pooh extreme. I think it’s a good thing to do before I start my new job at the Department of Transportation. Rather symbolic. All I can say is I think it’s started as my stomach has already started churning. This time the churning is in a good way.

2 Responses to “Now it can be told… Unexpurgated!”

  • ahh diarrhea can be the best thing for a colon.

  • I feel you about feeling tired of the obligation to write. I did my online diary for 3 years and then a few weeks ago just decided to stop for a while, and it’s nice to break, I don’t know whether I’m done with it or not yet.

    hit me back with a reply to my e-mail from last week about studio time!

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