Project DOT (aka New Job) : Success!

I survived my first day. I spent most of it going over company policy. And I signed up for a SmarTrip pass. I get $100 a month travel expenses! Woo! And I found a great deli called Loeb’s Deli. I got a pastrami sandwich on rye. Mega yummy. Other than that, I have to start my clearance forms tonight and get my picture taken for my pass/badge tomorrow in the AM. It’s another world, but a world I am ready for. And my colleague at DOT said I was way over dressed. So no ties for me, unless I want which I might keep doing as I like it. I was looking forward to that, but what can I do.

Tomorrow is Utah. We’re going to Salt Lake City for a night, then it’s north to Logan, Utah. It’s going to be bizzaro world for me there. 70 people per square mile and around 4000 feet above sea level. Tons of Mormons and probably few Jews and ethnic diversity. Quite a difference from DC. But luckily it’s snowing there all week and it’s with highs of 30 degrees all week it will be wonderful. I’ll get the winter weather I love that I am not getting here in DC.

5 Responses to “Project DOT (aka New Job) : Success!”

  • there is this very weird bizarro world that exists in Salt Lake (but even more so in LOGAN) especially when flying into the airport since there are so. many. white. people. and. nothing. else.

    i miss idao and utah though becaues of other reasons, maybe i’ll move back someday and never have to deal with DC bullshit again, just Utah bullshit. different bull, different shit.

    Have fun, I hope it doesn’t blizzard on ye!

  • hehehe, i didnt wanna say it was just white people, but the demo is pretty high there… next is asian i believe at under 8%…

  • pastrami sandwich mmmm

  • tell us the truth mat, you’re really on a mission for the morman church! i knew it!!

    and yeah, wear that tie anyway… have fun in utah! safe travels!!xo

  • Is it LISA Loeb’s Deli?

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