Logan Utah and their Mormonness

the mountains that surround logan, utah

I had my first business trip last week. I left for Salt Lake City on Tuesday after work with my co-worker. It was a long trip. More than 4 hours as we got a movie. I paid the 2 bucks for the headphones to watch this miserable movie about two tennis people that hook up. But it totally helped the time go by as long plane trips get me kinda claustrophobic. But it was Delta and it was super swanky compared to the budget flights I normally take.

The first night was spent in Salt Lake and in the morning we traveled north up Rt. 15 to Logan which is just at the northern top of Utah. It snows there a lot. In fact it snowed the whole time. That was nice as it was 60 degrees in DC when I left.

So basically we went up there to meet these people that run the websites for the division of DOT that I work with. I’ll be spending some of my time managing these people. It’s a pretty large team too. About 10 people. Two project managers and a bunch of programmers. They all are really nice people. And now I am seeing why there are so many people involved with this project. The site is huge. The database is amazing. And I learned a ton about the grant and nomination process that I will be more involved with.

So a few things about Utah. Everyone is white. Caucasian. Whatever. Few minorities. Except for the kids in the computer science majors at the college. Most people are Mormon. But not all. I think I was the only Jew in that state while I was there. No one asked to see my horns. There weren’t many McDonald’s. That was nice. Everything was spread out and their roads were like 6 lanes wide for so little traffic. That cracked me up.

But I am back in the City. It feels nice. I missed the hectic sounds and people everywhere. I missed Emily. I missed my puppy dog. I missed not feeling agoraphobic.

Here are pictures.

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  • Glad to see the new job is going well! And the mountains there are gorgeous, almost Vancouver-ish…almost. 🙂

    Back in the ping-pong-pits, I’ve hijacked your keyboard and have been contemplating swapping whole computers, cuz you had the burner…maybe no one will notice. 😛

  • welcome back. i did feel a slight disruption in the jewforce while you were there. pesky mormons. i’m very tired. i almost asked if you had a trumpet.

  • Welcome back from the Biznass!. As soon as you go tback I’m on a bizness trip of my own. Though I’d love to go to Utah on a trip, just for the change in scenery, instead of my repeat trips to New Jersey lol.

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