DC Metro Rules #432, #843 & #876

#432 – When it’s rush hour and people waiting on the platforms are flocking in the trains, don’t just sit there frigid in the doorway clinging on the bar like your life depended on it. Please be a good DC citizen, tourist and/or commuter and move to the middle of the train like the operator tells you to. He does so for a reason, so your sorry self can allow other people to take advantage of such a wonderful public service.

#843 – Only talk to people who are reading the book Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen. Otherwise don’t crack a word to unknown passengers. You might frighten the locals. (see: #128, Eye Contact)

#876 – The Purple Line simply makes sense. Get it in your head.

5 Responses to “DC Metro Rules #432, #843 & #876”

  • I can’t tell whether you’re being sarcastic about the Purple line or not, but I’m of the understanding that if we broke ground today on it, you and I would be in our fifties before it was done. Man, and think of all the traffic the construction would create. I think we should just move the capital. Its lost its pioneer town quality anyway. This time around we won’t base the plans on a small French town with tiny cobblestone streets.

  • I am completely 110% behind the Purple Line. I think they are going to break ground in 2008 or 2009. My father built 2 Metro stations (Glenmont & one other) and they took just about a year to construct each. But this project has much more funding. So who knows. At least getting the Purple Line to connect each Red Line end would be a great start.

  • OMG, I was just complaining about how people never let you get off the train before they try to plow their way through the doors! *sheesh*

    P.S. thanks for letting me know where to find that newsletter template btw…Ben is helping me out with it too, so I’m hoping it won’t be too tedious. 🙂

  • first i’ve ever heard of this purple line thing. what a good idea! i haven’t taken more than but a glance at it, so I dunno if all the land is available and whatnot, but it seems really cool! nice work, whoever’s behind that!

    ps our boards are still broken


  • Milhouse! Glad to see you here! The Purple Line would rock. Hands down.

    PS. Bummer about the boards… I presume they *still* havent found my replacement. Amazing.

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