Where Did All The Metro Riders Go?

Where was everybody on the Red Line this morning. It was completely deserted. Once I transfered at Gallery Place people started to appear. It was just pretty spooky that there was no one at the platform where I got on at Takoma. And the Metro cars were all empty. I thought perhaps there was an accident or “wreck” as they call it in the south. Which does sort of make sense. Then I thought there was some sort of terrorist attack. But then if there was, there would be announcements or something. Hmmm. You know, because our Federal Government spends all that money on preparing for something like that…

And on a side Metro related note. I just realized how handicap accessible our Metro system is. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to not have legs. You know, this is the sort of topic one thinks about when you work for the government. Or maybe, it’s just me. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a city as accessible as our public transportation system. Montreal? Perhaps it’s because it’s DC and all those laws and requirements begin here. Who knows. Just thought it was an interesting fact that other cities should adopt.

And on another side note, today I wore my Puma Street Cats to walk to work in. At least from my house to the Takoma Station which is about 4 blocks. Puma’s are so much more comfortable than my standard Cole Haan black work shoes which I just change in to at work. At least that is the plan. I’ve been at work for 35 minutes and have yet to change my shoes. Ok, I remember now. The reason I thought about wearing different shoes to work this morning and perhaps on all other mornings was that I went to a recreation.gov meeting over the Department of the Interior yesterday and walked from the Foggy Bottom Metro Station which was about 12 blocks and it kicked my feet apart. Anyways. Ok, time to use your tax dollars wisely.

But lastly I have to say it was great to see my Uncle for the past few days. He was at a huge TV/Media conference here in DC and stayed with us for a few nights. I love that side of my family. The crazy NYers are the best. However, it was sad to see him leave this AM. But we’ll see him soon, I am sure.

2 Responses to “Where Did All The Metro Riders Go?”

  • When Lara brought me home from the hospital after my recent skiing accident, and I was dragging my sad, broken-legged ass up the stairs I said, “If I ever lose the use of my legs permanently, I’d like to be killed. Thank you.”

    But I do agree yeah, DCs Metro is the best public transit system in the US. Then Germany, then Toronto, then Montreal. Must try the Japanese bullet-trains though. Fast fast fast.

  • I keep two pairs of dress shoes in my file cabinet at work. One brown pair and one black pair. And a couple of other stragglers I probably need to throw away. I wear New Balance to work. 🙂

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