Jamie Chvotkin is the Man

I’ve known Jamie for years now. Since High School when we would terrorize the hallways of Wootton High School. Almost 15 years?! Damn. We even went to college together for a year until I dropped out of Hartford. But we’ve totally kept in touch even since he moved to Portland to work for CDbaby. We’ve both bought houses. We both have serious girlfriends. I still have yet to meet her, so she may be a figment. 😉 But I am optimistic. We both like Bryan Adams, too. We both think Joe vs. the Volcano was cinematic genius. We’ve been in car accidents together (no more Beatles!). We’ve seen countless bands together. Hopefully someday we’ll both be in the same city and will be able to fulfill our lifelong dream of reuniting Not For Human Consumption.

And Jamie rocks for not only buying me the Namco II: Ms Pac-Man with 5 TV Games unit, but also sending me two double disc live Pixies CDs that his company put out. Norfolk, VA and New York City.

Jamie is one of the most generous people I know and I am lucky to have him as a friend after all these years.

Party on Wayne.

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