Operating Status in the Washington DC Area

Operating Status in the Washington, DC, Area

Posted on February 24, 2005 at 1:16 PM

the following message applies only to Thursday, February 24, 2005

“Federal agencies in the Washington, DC, area are operating under an EARLY DISMISSAL policy.” Employees should be dismissed by their agencies 2 hours earlier than their normal departure time.

The people in this area are a bunch of pussies. Most notably, the people at OPM. It amazes me. We closed early yesterday because of a few flakes and word there might be up to *gasp* 6 inches of snow. Stop the press! It’s like we’re not used to getting snow here. What, we’re living in Georgia. Jesus Christ.

What really irks me is that the schools in MD and VA close at the drop of a hat. And it’s costing the residents their more money. There is a prediction for snow in a few days, so they close the schools at that point. It’s amazing. Luckily, DC only had a 2 hour delay. Which still was only half absurd.

I can’t remember it being that crazy when I was a kid. Sure we’d get 1-2 hour delays when it was snowing in the morning. And yes, I lived in the suburbs. But getting a full day off for 3 inches of snow. No way. We’d have to get at least 12″ of snow. And back then this area actually got significant snow. Not a couple inches and then the city shuts down.

But what do I care. I got off early yesterday and the roads were empty this morning when Emily drove me to work. Hip hip horray!

PS. Did you like my first use of a Government acronym here? I am assimilating nicely. Scary.

And bummer about Y100. First WZTA. Then that west coast station. Then WHFS. Now this. All the legendary radio stations are dying. Poor alt rock. Poor Joey. Not sure what’s happening. But the formats are changing. Dylan was right.

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  • Hey! Home come your posts aren’t showing up on my LJ anymore? You know I’m too lazy to surf around much!

  • haha… only my photo posts would show up there… but i turned that crap off… not really in to posting on LJ… it’s why i have my own site 😉

    i honestly only ever created an account over there to post comments…

  • dude, who cares? you got out early!

  • i know, i know… it’s just these inefficiencies that get on my nerves…

    and hell, i still get paid for a full day… i really shouldn’t care…

  • There are several good articles about ‘the end of radio as we know it’ in the current issue of Wired. I thought the one on Podcasting (with Adam Curry!) was pretty good. A new generation of Indie radio.

  • I love how the governement & schools shut down for rain, practically, but gov’t CONTRACTORS better get their asses in. no. matter. what. Remember that blizzard a few years ago? Yeah, I was at work.

  • dude, eff that… you just have to put it in your contract that you get off and PAID for any time off like that, just like FTEs…

    and david:
    i did read that and it was pretty interesting and I love Wired Magazine… however sometimes Wired has their heads up their asses…

  • Oh, and Dylan is ALWAYS right. Always.


  • When I was in either 6th or 7th grade, we had a whole day cancelled due to a potential storm…that NEVER happened!

    And thanks for the kind words my friend.

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