You Gotta Be Kidding Me With A Snowfall Like This

I think a snow flake touched me when Emily dropped me off this morning walking from the car to the door of my building. I felt overwelmed by that snowflake and I felt at any minute I would be engulfed by a sweeping monsoon of snow and would be buried for my last day on earth. I now understand why the City shuts down at thought of any sort of minute accumulation…

Seriously though. Closing schools before even a drop of snow hits the ground seems completely insane and counter productive to me. And we’re only going to get a few inches. DC, you amaze and frustrate me in these cold winter months.

PS. And what’s with sending out DDOT salt and sander trucks to lay out their goods before any accumulations have occured? You crazy.

PPS. And this is a bummer. (Jef Raskin, head of the team behind the first Macintosh computer, has died.)

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