Salt Lake – Minneapolis – The Gates

Well, I made it through my second trip to Salt Lake City. And I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any more meat on this trip than any other. It’s amazing how well I can eat on everyone else’s dime. But on the bright side when booking my flights, I arranged a 4 hour layover in Minneapolis on my way back, so I could chill in the city for a bit, check out their subway and visit 1st Avenue Club. I succeeded in it all. Minneapolis is a neat city. Their transit system and light rail is suitable and colorful and 1st Avenue was awesome. I got to see all the stars on the building and was totally a tourist at that moment.

Pictures from Utah/Minneapolis:

And I finally got my pictures of the Gates up from our trip to NY a few weeks ago with my cousins. It was very cool. However, not breathtaking. Not mezmorizing. Nothing like the hype machine. But none the less, it was interesting and a great feat for an artist to do something like this in a park.

Pictures from The Gates:

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