Britney Spears is Pregnant?

britney spears pregnantBritney Spears has announced that she is knocked up. Funny how she denied these allagations just a few weeks ago. Maybe she wasn’t sure if the beer gut was simply that or a child.

It’s official now. Her status has been raised to “Trailer Park Trash Mamma Slut.”

Any guesses to the name of the child? Justin? Zeke? Marlboro?

Now this is news to talk about.

7 Responses to “Britney Spears is Pregnant?”

  • Not sure what’s sadder–the fact that she makes enormous life decisions at what appears to be the drop of a spaghetti strap or the fact that we’re all supposed to care she’s with child. In light of her first marriage lasting 2.3 hours or however long, I’m sure she’ll get tired of little Virginia Slim or Salem Light 100 soon enough, and trade the infant in for a bottle of Preference by L’oreal (natural deep blonde–makes ‘er look smarter).

  • Yeah, I think people think they are supposed to care. Like they are actually a part of this person’s life…

    It’s all a circus to me…

  • Kills me that more people knew about this than the poor man who was mauled at the capitol the other day for doing NOTHING besides exercise his right to free speech and assembly in the NATION’S CAPITAL!!!!!!! I will be curious to find out exactly what he wanted with the President and what his “motives” were. Also curious to know if they will repay him for his laundry they exploded….

    *sad face*


  • yeah i’m with Awapy .. i wanna hear more about blowing up some guys laundry at the capital building ;).

  • [ammendment]

    Mat knew about the guy who got mauled at the capital.

    Mat knows where “it’s at”.

  • dude. mat WAS the guy who got mauled at the capitol.

  • Ok, I think you’ve got it backwards here. It us, the consumers, who have a morbid unquenchable desire to know everything about celebrities. Her P.R. rep is just doing his or her job and making sure that fact is fact, slander is kept to a minimum, and making sure Ms. Spears’ small amount privacy is kept intact. She may be an ignorant little child with naive opinions, but it was us (maybe not you and I) who have created this superstar juggernaut. It was us who asked her incessantly about what she thinks and how she puts on her makeup. She was just answering a question already posed a thousand times before. So before you ask the question, “Who cares if B.S. is pregnant,” your time might be better well spent counting those who don’t. The number is sadly and surely smaller.

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