Yet Another Cluster Of A Weekend

What a crazy weekend.

Friday was our RDO. We borrowed a truck the night before from a neighbor so we could get a ton of manure, topsoil and mulch from Home (gasp) Depot. We also needed to get a truck load of tree mulch that the city of Takoma Park gives away from all the leaves they collect in the fall. I was amazed that we loaded it and unloaded it all by ourselves. (We were too late to have the city load it.) Friday was a busy day and I think we’re still feeling the aches from it. But our garden is going to be amazing.

Saturday my parents came over for a BBQ lunch. We got to talk garden and wedding stuff. It was nice and chill. And then Saturday night Emily and I went on a date. We got dinner and saw that new Drew Barrymore movie that was about the Boston Red Sox. It was pretty funny. Then we came home and passed out.

Sunday we borrowed another pickup truck from another neighbor. Then we went to Baltimore to pick up Emily’s stepmother’s washing machine/dryer double unit that she gave us. Sears calls them “Laundry Centers”. I think that’s kind of funny. Kris totally helped us get it in the truck and unload it. Oh yeah and we went to Cafe Hon for brunch. It was yummy. After Kris helped us set it up and install it we had a quick but chill BBQ. I make bacon burgers. They were yummy.

Oh yeah and the person we borrowed the truck from turned out to be the mother of an artist/singer of a band I have always loved. Totally a small world. You must always think again when you see a Robert Mapplethorpe portrait in someones house that is of a family member. For the first time in a long while, I was completely star struck.

Yes, we’re contemplating buying a pickup truck. We’re urban cowboys/girls.

And last night we heard pebbles being pelted on our window. It was Eric and Erika. They were coming back from a birthday celebration for Erika. They were drunk and being goofy. We’re going to miss that when they move next month. Like seriously. 🙁

4 Responses to “Yet Another Cluster Of A Weekend”

  • 🙁 Erika said the exact same thing like 2 seconds after you closed the window. “We won’t be able to bug them like that anymore.”

    To which I say “HOGWASH!” Now when we get drunk at your place we’ll have to sleep there. We’ll keep you up all night acting goofy 😉

    Oh, and I realized just exactly what it means when one buys condoms and anti-acid at CVS at the same time:

    “She was REALLY late last month.”

  • Well as long as you were the one to say it….

    No, you didn’t!!!! 😉

    And yeah, sleepovers will rule. We both will soon have guestrooms!

  • Totally! And ours comes with the guests’ own full bath! 😉

    Fortunately the anti-acid and condoms were not purchased together for any sort of interrelated reason. I do *hate* late months though 😉

  • Well, I’m jealous of both of you for having guest rooms! I could think of a couple of things to say about antacids and condoms, but sometimes it’s better to opt for silence.

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