pamela davis is a big fat whore

Last night was WMZQ Fest at Nissan Pavillion.

The show in general was pretty standard. It was just me running around, taking shots of everything. Bands, sponsors, station deals, etc. Long day. I basically agreed to the offer because i got the opportunity to shoot Willie Nelson.

I met up with Elle and her friends.

Mat and Willie Nelson on the tour bus. I met god. And his first name is Willie.

Willie and friends.

Willie and friends.

After the show Pamela D. slammed in to my stationary car in stopped traffic. I am fine, minus a few scrapes. The car is not. As is the car that was ahead of me. I am very irrate. She tried to get me to not call the cops. She said she had a few to drink and didnt want a DUI. Ha! Fat chance. The first thing i did was call the cops. After i said verbally, “You really fucked up here!” Fuck her and her white trash non shoe (not kidding) wearing fat ass. Get a vagina you cunt and get off the road. Luckily my insurance rules (USAA!!) but it’s sucky that Emily’s video camera (sorry Amy) and 100 of her CDs were in crushed trunk. Many of the CDs were from foreign countries and virtually irreplacable. Still not 100% sure on the status of the items in the trunk. After it’s looked at by the insurance company we’ll have a better idea. I also have no way to get to work. I am on the phone with her insurance company now about working out a rental car cos their policy holder is a big fat idiot and cant drive. Shouldn’t have had that last beer you fucking bitch.

where should mat go on vacation?
31.0% :: st. lucia
27.5% :: boston
20.6% :: timbuktu
13.7% :: bethlehem
06.8% :: kabul

4 Responses to “pamela davis is a big fat whore”

  • that is AWFUL. With my vast plethora of knowledge re: cars in accidents, even if your car is totaled they should be able to pry it open for persoanl belongings- I’m sure some stuff is unscathed. Worthy of a rescue operation- just make sure you tell whatever body shop you took it to.

    PS, you are a rock god and pamela davis is the anti-rock.

    thanks fer saturday,


  • Holy crap, Mat, I’m glad you didn’t die! Why ppl think drinking and driving is OK is beyond me. At least you it right with God (Willie Nelson) before your accident 😉

    -e (the other e, as in elizabeth)

  • Mat…glad to hear you’re okay.

    Fuckin’ bitch. There’s a special ring of Hell for DUIs.

  • Hey Mat, glad to hear you’re okay :). My car’s been rearended twice in the past year, I know it’s not fun.


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