Zildjian 18″ A Series Breakbeat Ride

So I did it.

I finally bit the bullet.

I was having so much fun and pretty much prided myself on not having a “ride” cymbal on my kid. I only had 2 crashes on my kit. A 16″ Thin “K” Crash and an old 1970s 18″ A Series Orchestral crash. But after listening to the recordings of my band live it appeared it was time. My cymbals were just all washed out. No definition. More so on the 18″ crash.

So today I went to Chuck’s with David to hear out some rides. I went in there thinking about the Remix series by Zildjian I really like that was designed by Zach Danziger. But I was also open to other ideas. I tried out about 15-20 different ones. I even tried out a Paiste ride. It was nice, but didn’t blend well. The one I almost bought was the 18″ K Custom Series Flat Ride. There was no bell. It was flat. And it sounded great, but it was a little too light and jazzy for me. I might seriously consider it for a studio cymbal in the future. Totally beautiful and shimmering. And also really expensive.

Zildjian 18\" A Series Breakbeat Ride

I ended up liking the Zildjian 18″ A Series Breakbeat Ride cymbal the best. Part of the underrated “Remix” series. It even looks awesome. So after I found it, I asked the rather knowledgeable sales guy to hear a couple more of that style to hear if there was any difference between the same models and of course there were many differences. So after another 5 more minutes playing the “same” cymbals I picked out the best of the 3.

So we’ll see how it sounds tomorrow at practice. I am optimistic.

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  • really, don’t you really only need the tamborine ;). hehe.

  • why’s it called a “breakbeat” ride? is it supposed to sound like the cymbals on breakbeats used in hip hop/dance music?

  • you got it al. the acoustics are modeled off of “sampled” dance sounds… fast attack and quick decay… fyi, my hihats are also from the remix series…

  • oh yeah!

    Ride captain ride

  • Do you have a t-shirt that says “Drummers do it with rhythm” ? You should get one, you know, cuz you’re a drummer. 😛

    …I am sleepy.

  • oh, no. but i had a bumper sticker that read “my other guitar is a theremin”

  • Wow, thats big news! Its like a whole new mat!
    tsssssh tita tssh tita tssh!

  • Mat,

    The Zildjian K serise is awesome but I have no doubts you will love that A serise ride. My favorite ride was a K serise 20″ I used to have. I bought it second hand some sound expert and he cut a small circle out of the edge of it, kinda like a 3″ hole punch. Anyways, he claimed it took the ring out of it a bit. Not sure but I always thought it sounded great. My favorite crash was a 18″ Paiste RUDE serise. I think it said power crash on it. I have a few splash as well by paiste. I miss playing drums. I might have to one day get another kit.


  • you are a bunch of nerds…

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