Suspended Ceiling Lamp by Foscarini

Havana Lamp by Foscarini designed by Jozeph Forakis in the Giallo Crema variation. 1/60 sec.

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  • HA! First comment. Beat everyone else to it! Neat picture. I guess using an F4 reduces more of the lights and produces that orangy effect you got going on there.

    What camera do you use to take all the pictures you post? If film SLR, what process do you use to get your negatives or film to digital formaty? e.g. negative scanner

    Peace and camera grease!

  • F4? I don’t have an F4.

    Let’s not talk camera make/model, just yet.

    Ask me about lighting and then we’re talking… The things that actually affect the picture… 😉

  • What lighting did you use?

  • Ambient lighting… it was simple 😉

    We have two sconces on over the fireplace that were at 100% on the dimmer- They were 65watt bulbs. Maybe @ 45degrees to where the shot was taken.

  • is that a reflection .. or is it that shape actually i don’t know if i’ve seen that lamp lol.

  • No reflection. It’s in 4 sections. It’s called “The Cigar” for obvious reasons…

  • that’s funny. it does kind of look like a reflection.

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