President Zappa

Playboy: Sometimes you sound like a political candidate. How serious was your plan to run for president?

Frank Zappa: I wanted to do it. It’s a bit hard to mount a campaign if you have cancer and don’t feel well.

Playboy: If you hadn’t been ill, would you have run?

Frank Zappa: Yeah. And it’s a shame. We got calls and mail throughout the election. Squadrons of volunteers called.

I would have voted for ya, Frank.

1 Response to “President Zappa”

  • Frank? Hell yeah! He would have gotten my vote though as brilliant as he might have been, composing was his strong suit. He classical works are just frigging genius. Most people only know him for his wacky rock/jazz jams.

    -With a tongue like a cow, she can make you go wow!

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