The Two Words

Emily was at a conference last week in NYC. I had the whole house to myself. I planned on cleaning it all. That didn’t happen. Instead I took a ton of pictures and watched a lot of 24. Friday was my RDO and I met up with Scott midday to take pictures in the Foggy Bottom area of DC. Nothing really came out interesting as it was overcast.

Friday night was spent in downtown Takoma Park, MD documenting the storefronts in time-lapse photography using a tripod with David. Not this Daivd, however. I am going to try and exhibit the photographs at the Electric Maid or perhaps at Savory. Provided #1, they are interested and #2, they turn out acceptably.

Saturday was a lazy day spent driving around with Lisa. We went to the C&O Canal and did some minor CD shopping in Rockville. I got Emily one treat. Then we watched a movie called Spanglish, which was not bad.

Sunday, I ran around doing errands. I bought a new phone at Target. This one tells the temperature. And there is even a remote sensor I put below the deck to give outside temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. I am in heaven. It’s no Weather Center. But it’s still awesome. Home Depot was also in the plan and I picked up a ceiling fan there for the bedroom. Hopefully, if we don’t go camping this weekend, I’ll install it instead. Lisa, you in?

It’s awesome to have Emily back. It was getting too quiet and lonely around the house.

5 Responses to “The Two Words”

  • i MISSED you! and frankie and lulu and mulligan.

    ps. treat?? what treat?!

  • I forgot to give it to you last night. I’ll give it to you when we get home today…

  • no can do this weekend… silly business trip to the great city of Atlanta. (ugh)

    PS. If anyone knows of a job for me that doesn’t suck, be in touch. I’m getting desperate.

    PPS. This weekend was super neato. It had been toooooo long since we hung out. Nex time it’s resumes and turkey burgers!

    PPPS. Welcome home, Emily!


  • thanks, awapy!!

  • boo to not being able to see emily in nyc.
    yay to hopefully seeing her in dc soon!

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