elle: give me something to write about

monster (15k image)FIRST: The bored, hurt, stupid, and ashamed list

5 Bands People Should Give a Listen:
01. Add N to (X)
02. Trans Am
03. A Minor Forest
04. The Delta 72
05. Bob Mould

5 Things That Turn You On About People:
01. the walk
02. wisdom
03. ingenuity
04. persistance
05. accomplishing something (and good looks don’t hurt)

5 Movies You Watch All of the Time:
01. Spinal Tap
02. 2001
03. Jaws
04. Back to the Future
05. Gift

5 Discs on Your Stereo Right Now:
01. B-52s’ cosmic thing
02. Bruce Springsteen’s nebraska
03. Talking Heads’ stop making sense
04. Fugazi’s steady diet of nothing
05. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin’s are you normal?

5 Things People Should Know About You:
01. i methodically alphabetize my cds and separate comps, soundtracks and misc.
02. i am a proud nail biter and refuse to quit as there is no reason
03. i really dislike the human species
04. more often than not, i wont like you
05. stanley kubrick is god

5 Things You Say the Most:
01. “dude”
02. “fuck off”
03. “bitch”
04. “killer”
05. “you got it”

5 Possessions That Have Meaning To You:
01. green bear necklace
02. juno 106
03. those soul coughing dat’s mark sent me
04. my hair
05. wit and my late green buick that saved my life (tie)

Go see Star Wars…it’s fucking great and the CG is incredible. Do yourself a favor.

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