Pioneer Of Aerodynamics

So I did it again. I went to a reunion show for a band that I loved as a teenager. This time it was the Pixies. Original lineup. None of this different bassist crap. Or the drummer’s brother cop-out.

I remember the first time I heard The Pixies’Surfer Rosa. I was trying to count Bone Machine. Something was off. The phrasing was funky. But not in that James Brown kind of way. Then shortly after I learned odd-time signatures with some Zappa by my drum teacher, Nora. She was a Zappa-crazzzzzy woman. From there I got Doolittle and then when Trompe Le Monde came out the rest was history. Aliens and space rock and screaming and a bit of surf. What could be better at age 14? Not to mention the boobies on the cover of Surfer Rosa. They were the ideal band for me and my friend Jordan who also shared some love for them in Middle School/High School.

So the show was pretty good. Exactly as expected. No more. No less. The only surprise was Stormy Weather from the usually forgotten Bossanova record. Totally an underrated record that should get some more appreciation. Joey Santiago was amazing quiet yet piercing. Frank or Black or whatever he calls himself while in Pixies-mode was mesmerizing. David was fancy. And Kim Deal was perfect. Seeing them live reminded me how much of an incredible guitarist and driving force Joey was with the band. The dude can pierce your ears and barely move his hands. He is incredible. Oh yeah, and Abi was there. I seem to always see her at shows.

And halfway through the set, some random dude came on stage and whispered in to Frank’s ear. Then some people came out with 4 gold records in frames. Turned out that Surfer Rosa went Gold just an hour before as certified by the RIAA. They were pretty excited. More on that here. It only took 17 years for what some would say was one of the most influential records of the late 80s to get recognized by selling 500,000 units. I surely would agree.

Thanks Ben and Eric for getting me 7th row seats to see one of my favorite bands.

And yeah, Debaser is not about when the Pixies were in the studio that happened to neighbor MC Hammer. But it sure would be funny.

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