In Threes – They Say

Bad Things:

  • Emily kinda lost her job
  • We got a flat and striped the fancy yet kinda dumb wheel locks
  • I left my keys at the then closed for the nite restaurant and had to run around town with
  • Catherine to get keys from my ‘rents house in Rockville to get back in to our house

Good Things:

  • Emily getting her job back and with mad extras
  • The Interpereter was pretty good
  • Catherine saving the day
  • Going to Brooklyn to record and perhaps Boston next weekend to see Landon
  • My Palm is back to normal
  • I am going to eat a Banana today
  • I ate a crab last weekend in Dundalk (!!!!) with Nan, Bob, Kris and Michelle, and I didn’t die and kinda liked it
  • Seeing One Ring Zero with Lisa at the DC JCC
  • OM!

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