i am the great doughty gabay

limpbiz-sm (7k image)This is the shit I get every fucking day. When is it going to end?! At least there are some that just make me laugh.

From : “xxx xxxxxxxx”
To : xxx@scug.net
Subject : Message to mr. Doughty Himself, if he finds the time…………..


I wonder if this little message could b passed on to the great Doughty himself? I’ve got some Cookie Lookie Funny facts to ponder on for his hungry hammerbrain;


Hi Mister doughty, lo0000oved your show on Lowlands (…sugarfree supergrass…) A couple of years ago. Beatifull strung, lotsa dewlaps swung, an me drung, drunk like watta, watta fuck??

The Following is a journey into your own lyrics with me as a guide too… If you catch my drift – wood. Wanna try?? – >

-> Q is: – Can u say : – A man drives a plane into the – chrysler building – and it’s chicago – it’s not chicago – (e.k.a. NY??), and still claim : Ich habbe nichts gewust?? ;-). Kiddigoat. Just normalizing the signal, just banging on freon.

Got my faith goatee on. For real. I believe that everything becomes real if you trie hard enough – and have the time and means to do it, that is -.

Paleolithicium. Funny that, I majored in geology – praecambrium – and am currently on lithiCIum. Tried to take a – NON SuiciDail{526463} – Ride with PIXIE-Jefrey up to Olympus Mons, Cut myself – While shaving of cos, then they (of Courrrse, of Courrrse [Richard III]!!!!) locked me up in a mental
dentAll hospital. Now; the more mental the hospital, the less dental care it gives, the worse the shaving gear. Matter of optical economics, right? That is to say, points of views…

Annyway, it’s not a bad place. The air in the smoking room burns itself THRU cigarrettemouths like the names of a million candybars (or super and sub strings gleich sie fieler Ein steine seht flickeren in deiner eigenes sehr kleinen Uhr Spiele.

Your Doughty-licks, mr. Doughty, sting my brain THRU the sound of your MUse Music Muse. And they’ve ground a ground – they’re a ground ground -right into the gro0ves of my mill-i-stone memorybox.

And it’s a rivergrooving problem that drives the Netherlands overbankdwellers insane. Q is: Can you decide to live in a overbank deposit area and expext no wet feet? Q is: Can you stop walking sanddunes from walking? Q is: Can you make coincidence into miracle by trying hard enough
and cheat a bit – preprogramming?

Q is – What is a CD? Held up into the sun? If you laid it on a rock on a sunny day with the sunny side up, is there a chance, somewhere in Schrodingers realm, that the CD”s churning tuning would be picked up and rain down down down down down into someone else’s brainbox? Just a Q?

By the way, my name is Sammy, for REAL! (of Courrrse, of Courrrse [Richard III]!!!!) I like the Moon, but prefer the sunny side of the street. ;-). Wrote a little poem though (in dutch, i’ll translate) on sinks and washing in them, knowing the stair is there etc.:

iT SLEEPS in your sink and
SCREAMS when you open the tap.
Suckles at all your electric sockets.
Burps, pukes and cries into your TV.
Giggles and tickles with 10 fingers
and 10 toes beneath your pans & pots.
Turn up that heater on the wall!!!
The bottle is already heeding the call.

To end some more cut and paste work, hope u enjoyed it!

There is freedom within, there is freedom without, trying to catch the Baltic sea in a papercup, So Janine, I’d drink U up, if I could, but…

But don’t dream it’s over, hey now, hey mister postman look and C, if there’s a message in your bag for me, could be a bomb or it could be a letter, or an ad, that would even be better, a message from erehwon to nowhere, that goes on and on, I’ts been such a long long time, Colors spread around, everything in it’s right place a the right time. Since I could laugh at this world of mine, I could’nt stop laughing!!!!!!!!

?desu erehw sretirwgnos tahw ,noitseuq terces

COFFY signing off singing of four the best soul COUGHINGCOFFIN


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