No Sleep ‘Til The Joads

So Thursday or Friday I am going to drive with David to Brooklyn to record with this band I have been playing with for the past 2 weeks. Don’t worry, I haven’t left Communist Bakesale. Not a chance in hell. But I am playing doctor for a bit with this other band here in DC. They basically had a drummer but needed to move on for many reasons. So I am fixing the hole for the time being. I call it being Dr. Drummer. There is a lot of mending that needs to take place. So the singer has been talking to some people that know people and those said people are funding a recording of the said band, and everyone knows that I love studio work, so I was obviously in. And we’ll see what happens with that band and my presence. Hopefully the 3 long crash-course rehearsals will own up.

Initially we intended on recording on Friday (my RDO) and I was going to drive up to Boston on Saturday to see Landon (who I have not seen in over 18 months!), but it appears that the recording is happening on Saturday, so that plan will most likely not happen unless I get creative with transportation. We’ll see.

Other than that, I have nothing else to say.

Except that I love my government issue stapler remover. The woman I share an office with doesn’t have one. But I do. Because I rule.

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