The Great CD Challenge of 2005

Pogo Library

Like the Great CD Challenge of 2004, we’ve come around to a new year with a new challenge. My music library has shed their last tear laying there in boxes collecting dust in our 1st floor closet. We have found a designer. Heck, the designer has a company. The designer doesn’t have issues. They have have an established business. And created something remotely near our budget. Ok, maybe it’s about twice what I expected to ever spend. But at least it’s getting done and it’s going to look awesome and we’re completely in love with it. Screw Italians and their $15,000 designs. They can suck it.

So we’re basically either getting two of the Custom Designed PogoLibary as seen above. Or one normal size and one half-size. We haven’t decided on that issue yet. The main goal is to house 2,000 CDs +/- a few hundred. Which means I will probably have a CD yard sale soon. If you are interested. Oh and the company is called Urban Workshop out of St. Louis, Missouri. Tell Julie we sent you.

The great thing about these pieces is that they are modular in that you can move them where you want to and they don’t have to be up against a wall. I love modularity. I love inventing words.

I love my record collection will have a new home to breathe.

PogoLibrary 2

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