Happy 1,002nd Post

So the DC9 show with the Jones went pretty good for a first show on . The sound was all weird. Very isolated. Like Velvet Lounge‘s stage. But the bands that went before us sounded really good so I bet it was just a case of low volume stage levels which I hate. Totally throws you off. The engineer was super nice. He totally chit chatted with my about my cymbals. I was suprised he had ever heard of my line. Go enginerd. Oh yeah and we played with a band that we were thinking of hiring for our wedding. The drummer was super nice and we talked about all different way to sandwich different cymbals to make a make-shift hi-hat.

The show at Staccato in Adam’s Morgan on Saturday went much better. Dive bars are more my thing these days. If only you could make more money at them. But simply, there are more connections. There is more sweat and the music is just louder and fuller. Yeah, it was a good show and we got to hit up The Diner afterwards. Yummy. Oh and we saw a fight and some bicycle flew across the street and some dude talked some smack and tried to scare us out of our parking spot. Loser Virginian. Yay Adam’s Morgan.

And yay Patti Smith for receiving the French honour! Yay. Happy Monday.

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