Bot Is The New Chachi

I really don’t know what to say. I think in the history of OM, Emily’s last post topped everything that had ever been written here. In fact everything that had been previously written here was nothing compared to that post sans some of Elle’s posts. Amazing. I congratulate you. I salute you. For those about to rock…

So in other news Jessica and I were chatting and came up with a new slang word or perhaps a new use for a word that already exists. You decide. Basically it’s another way to use the word, “Botulism”. Which happens to be a favorite of mine. In our case we change it from negative to a positive and add an optional article. So basically, let’s say you come home and your folks buy you that nice new red shiny bike you always wanted. You would yell, “That bike is the botulism!” One may also say, “That bike is completely botulistic.” And since we are all too busy for multisyllabic words, one can exclaim, “That bike is the Bot!” You can use the article, “the” interchangeably if the need is there. Spread the word. Bot!

Ergo Bot is the new Chachi.

And to think I was almost out of words after Emily’s last post. You couldn’t be that lucky!

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