boy, u better act like u understand when u roll with pussy control

i'm gonna jack you off...eloso (6k image)The coolest thing anyone could ever say to Mat:

“I really like his [Frank Zappa’s] voice. It’s very full.”

Perfection she is.

Soundtrack for the trip to OHIO:

Mark DeGliAntoni :: horse tricks
Deee-lite :: world clique
Prince :: small club live 8.1.88
Talking Heads :: sand in the vaseline
The Strokes :: is this it
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers :: best of
Cake :: fashion nugget
Cake :: motorcade of generosity
Unrest :: b.p.m.
Frank Zappa :: joe’s garage acts i, ii & iii
Jimmy Eat World :: bleed american
The Who :: my generation
Devo :: greatest hits (i had to do it)
Trans Am :: futureworld (japanese import)
Trans Am :: s/t (japanese import)

PS. OM has a (guest)book. Damn. This is hot shit, aint it?! Why dont you be a good little boy or girl and sign it. (In the menu, it’s the button right beneath the MONS)

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  • devo. someday maybe i’ll snag the boyfriend’s SIGNED DEVO ALBUM for scanning. or soemthing. have a hot time in OHIO!

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