Don’t Bogart that can, man…

Friday night. There was a rather intense storm that covered Takoma and Silver Spring. Our glass patio table toppled over but miraculously did not shatter all over our backyard. But before that, Lisa came over and we all watched Orgazmo. Definately not as good the 2nd time and perhaps after not being in college for 5 years. Yay Lisa!

Saturday was spent building our wedding invitations. (See Photos here.) In the middle of that craziness my Father and I walked to the Post Office (20912) to weigh the prototype and purchase stamps. In my overestimate it was just 60 cents an invite. I was way off. Anyways. Then my Mother and I went to Staples first to find rolling glue or whatever it’s called. They didn’t have it there and really had no clue what I was talking about. Then we drove all the way up Georgia Avenue basically to where Gordon lives and found it at a Michaels there. I love Michaels. Kinda weird how after about 4 years of “Mat and Emily” this was the first time Emily’s Mother and my parents had hung out together. They all met for the first time last Christmas. It’s just kinda strange. But perhaps not to anyone else but me. 5 hours later, after we finished through most of the invites (We’re about 75% done, Foreman Emily?), I started up the BBQ and grilled up some steaks Emily’s Mother got at a market in Baltimore. After everyone left we had a beer on our front porch. It was pretty serene.

Sunday was band day. First was CBS. It went as expected. We’re starting to get comfortable. In between CBS and The Jones we watched Reality Bites. This movie was the movie when it came out. Somehow when I was 17 I could seriously related to these post college graduates. I guess maybe I could. Maybe I just wanted to. Perhaps in the disillusionment of life. Anyways. It’s a really good movie. A new generation of Breakfast Clubs. And many good one-liners. It was a time when there was drama in people’s lives.

4 Responses to “Don’t Bogart that can, man…”

  • Yes, Worker Mat, I’d say we’re at least 75% done. A few more ribbons, a few more liners, then stuff stuff stuff once the reprinted enclosure comes in.

  • You guys are taking all of the mystery out it for us. We want to maintain the illusion that these pretty invitations were just ‘conjured up’ one day and delivered to our doorstep. None of this ‘hard work.’ None of this ‘long hours’ business! (hee hee)

  • if you prefer, i can just dig a napkin out of the trashcan for you the day we send them out, write down the deets and send it to you instead! 😉

  • That would be less ‘mysterious’ and just plain gross!

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