My First iPod. My Music In Color.

Well I did it. I said I never would do it. I never wanted to. It was against a lot of the ideals and morals I held dearly to myself concerning the quality of audio and music politics. But for convenience and cost factor, I gave in. Not to mention there are many new audio formats out there that beat MP3s out of the water!

I purchased an iPod. The primary reason was for the wedding. I’ll be compiling my music library for the next few weeks and will start building play-lists for our 4 day wedding coming up in October.

The secondary reason was for travel. We typically travel by car domestically. And bringing a shoe-box worth of CDs is a hassle. Especially when camping and space is of the essence. Oh yeah, and we’ll be traveling in Europe and Africa for 4 weeks for our honeymoon. Music will come in handy during that time.

Obviously this is in no way a replacement. It’s clearly a convenience for the time being.

So the large dilemma was what to encode in. I originally thought Apple Lossless. Of course. But read more about AAC. I liked it. I started everything at AAC 256kbs. After listening and hearing little to no artifacts, I sampled down to 192kbs. It appeared to be the same and I settled there. There is a slight tinge of weakness/thin in the upper high end of the frequency spectrum. It’s not bad and it’s not nearly as bad as a similarly encoded MP3. That is a format I simply can not get behind.

So the only problem thus far has been my iSight doesn’t appear to play nice with the iPod. It’s a recognized problem and there appears to be a workaround. Worst case scenario I’ll just unplug the iSight every time I plug in my iPod.

Oh and our computer only has a 30gig hard-drive, but I have the 60gig iPod and I think your iPod has to mirror your library on the hard-drive. So I am confused as to what happens when I run out of space on my computer. Apple can’t be that dumb. But I did learn that iSync will sync my Address Book and Calendar items from my Palm. That’s just crazy! Crazy, I tell you.

PS. Emily – I changed the name of the iPod to: matemilyPod!

2 Responses to “My First iPod. My Music In Color.”

  • Four day wedding…month long honeymoon! Yikes!

    You can set it so your iPod doesn’t have to mirror what’s on your computer, I find that annoying. Just rip what you want, move it over to the iPod, then delete it off the computer to make room for more!

  • i think it should be called The Walnut.

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