David’s iPod – Guilt Free Insanity

David says: hey I have an unrelated question:

David says: do you think my amp takes up a lot of power if I just have it on at low volume and playing my ipod through it?

David says: I’ve been using it as a stereo, but wondering if I’m just sapping a bunch of energy by doing that.

mat says: how so? what are you worried about? a high electricity bill?

David says: yeah.

mat says: hehe.

David says: Just wonder if it uses more energy than a normal stereo.

mat says: using a hair dryer for 10 seonds uses more power than your amp for 2 hours (not precisely, but you get the idea)

David says: ahh.

mat says: it might use a bit of energy more than your normal stereo but it depends on your stereo

David says: yeah.

mat says: also can depend on how loud it is and for how long

David says: you think volume is a factor then?

mat says: i could do the math to compare your amp to your stereo if you want

David says: he he.

David says: no that’s okay.

David says: So I shouldn’t feel guilty, anyway, for using it in my bedroom as a stereo?

mat says: not at all

mat says: your are so funny

mat says: you really need to get out!

David says: LOL

David says: I know. See the things that cloud my mind!!!!

mat says: that’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

David says: It’s a wonder I get anything done.

mat says: i love it

David says: now I’ve got my iPod playing again. Guilt free!

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