Yet Another Weekend of Music

Saturday – Drove to Darlington, MD with David to a hippie fest to play with Communist Bakesale. It was suprisingly a killer show. The 2nd set was amazing. We played really well and I drum & bass’d my best Science Project. We played strong longer than I thought we could. Pushing ourselves a little more is good and something I am trying to aim for each show. It was cool to see some older rockers there too. It’s always inspiring (yet slightly depressing) to see people older than us rocking like they were 21. I hope I am like that when I am old. There were few people there. It was a nice sentiment for a show, but perhaps the days of hippie fests are over.

Sunday – After waking up to an aching body around noon-thirty, I decided to stay home and not go to Kris’ birthday party. Sorry Kris. I layed in bed and listened to my iPod most of the day and started watching a little of V. Sunday night Eric came to the Jones’ practice space and we recorded a live-ish demo. All in all it went well for a 5-hour crash course demo. They only downside was loosing around 35 lbs. collectively in sweat. No A/C is a bummer in the City during the summer.

People to see this week: Neil from Tennesse. David from Takoma Park. Mental note.

Two side notes. Be sure to check out this. My friend Jeff works at Tower and hosts their PodCast. It’s called The Connection. And also check out KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on iTunes’ PodCast section. It’s the mother digity.

2 Responses to “Yet Another Weekend of Music”

  • >There were few people there. It was a nice sentiment for a show, but perhaps the days of hippie fests are over.

    Considering that the afternoon was a funeral, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the crowd size. The guy who lives there used to throw 300 – 400 person festivals in MD up until a couple of years ago. He didn’t advertise this because of the ceremony in the afternoon. And bear in mind that I went to a 20,000+ person “hippie” festival 3 weeks ago. I had sworn off attending these things as an audience member years ago and my experience 3 weeks ago just confirmed I made the right choice back then. But we definitely shouldn’t write off playing them…we should just try and get involved with the ones that actually have a lot of attendees ;). I wanted to play Stonestock more because I knew the person who died and many of the people affected by his loss. I knew they’d appreciate us, and based on their reactions, we really impressed them.

  • And your reasoning for playing this show on a personal level was obviously and completely warranted… You have to get behind something like that…

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