Lance Is A Superhero

Well, I am slightly relieved, but only slightly. I mean it’s not easy to hear that your friend has colon cancer. Nor is it easy to hear he has a year to live. Especially when in their mid 30s.

We all left for Frederick at 4pm and got there shortly after. Yes, when you have 3 (or 4 people according to David’s count) riding in the HOV lane definitely helps travel time. So we got to the hospital in good time considering the time of day. Catherine met us there.

Hospitals are definitely not a place I prefer to be in. I have had a bunch of bad experiences there, between seeing my Grandmother die there to driving Gabe to the hospital at 4am when his Crohn’s Disease would flare up with excruciating pain to visiting Becca in the hospital when she was sick. So needless to say, this experience was no different and was pretty hard not choking up many of times.

Lance was layed up in a bed with tubes and needles coming from his body. It was pretty shocking. Amazingly he looked so completely normal in his face. He looked healthy. Yes his cancer is in his colon, but it’s not in his mind. He’s a strong man, and he’ll pull through this. Strangely maybe he’s lucky he got this in his 30s and not in his 60s.

The jackass gastroenterologist made a prognosis that he’d have 6 months to a year to live. A pretty rash conclusion considering he’s not a friggin’ oncologist. Man that pisses me off. And not to mention the man was condescending and cold to his girlfriend who was just trying to understand. His main surgeon was much more compassionate and explained everything he could in detail for Lance and Leslie. And on his day off. Lance is optimistic that there is more hope to living a much longer life that the jackass predicted. I believe him.

But there was a good crowd there supporting him. Scott and Allison were there. We all were there. A few of his neighbors came by. And his sister and her husband came by. It was nice to finally meet her. Not to mention a few others came by before we got there. It was sort of like a little party. I think having everyone there really helped his spirits. Lance is a model cancer patient. And soon to be cancer survivor. He is inspirational. And has a great sense of humor at such a shitty time in his life.

Hopefully he’ll be released from the hospital Sunday, but more logically he’ll be released on Monday with the doctor saying he’d need 6-7 days recovery time from his surgery. We’ll all be going up there most likely two more times. If anyone is interested in visiting Lance with us, please contact me.

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  • {{{{{{{LANCE}}}}}}}

    Recover well and quickly

  • Remember, if your name is Lance, you were born to beat cancer.
    Afterwards, consider buying a really light Trek bike, and hitting the pro racing circuit!

    Best of Luck Lance,

  • Oh wow…did I meet him at your housewarming party? I will keep him in my thoughts.

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