s. pollux

Today after work I got to chill with the Dad. We went out to dinner. Along the way we both got to hear MONSIII in it’s last rare form. Mastered. Well not rare per se. But whatever. Dinner was nice. It’s always nice to catch up with Dad. We got to talk about the new job he is thinking about taking. He works too hard as it is and i think this new job will be a breath of fresh air. He’ll prolly still work hard, but the hours wont be as bad. Damn work-a-holics. We also talked a lot about the contractual and business implications of my record label. Damn my father knows business. I think I am going to have him find an entertainment lawyer to go over my contracts I’ll be using. Better safe than fucked up the goat-ass. Luckily if he can’t find some one to work pro-bono, I am sure I can find someone. A 1.5 page contract aint no thing, but still, you gotta be terse but exact. So that was fun.

Then after dinner we came back here. Dad checked his email and i trimmed by beard and messed with my oscilliscope. If anybody has one and ever gets hold of MONSIII. Track one, POLLUX, when you set the ‘scope to “phase” looks freaking amazing. It’s like Fantasia of the ‘scope as I told Joe and Daniel. God I wish those two lived with me so we could do label stuff and band stuff all day. It’s pretty cool watching them two. Cos there is so both of them in me. Daniel is the full-on dreamer and Joe is the grounded bottom-line man. I love it. Daniel also doesnt like New Order. What’s up with that?! But he does have a STXY belt that Jackie gave him. I am wondering now. What makes it cooler? That Jackie gave it to him or that is reads STYX. Big dilema. So i give him the fact he has a big belt buckle.

In other news Karin (my other friend – har har) is coming down from Baltimore to chill on Wednesday. I get to see her a handfull of times a year. It’s great to see her. Very refreshing and nostalgic. This time we get to go to a vege place. Eat some good tofu stuff! Yum.

Oh yeah. The Part-Timer girl i have that crush on confided (sorta) in me today. She told me she broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. Granted they both cheated on each other midway, so I presume it wasn’t meant to be. I know nothing prolly could ever happen. It just makes that anticipation for the next time i get to see her that much cooler. God i can be such a pussy sometimes. But it was interesting talking with her how she needs to now adjust to being “single” – I sorta found that weird. It’s like she wasnt a whole person with out him. That sorta scares me. But maybe they had something that special. Who knows. Maybe it just makes me jealous that she had that. I had that once. I left it. I am getting pretty good at that stuff these days. Arg.

I was the fool beside you for too long

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  • mat:

    chick in the middle. sorority girl, yes? whats her name? i so think i know her.



  • her name is Korinne

    your pictures are floating around dc101 now 🙂


  • oh, mat:

    update, i do know her… i went to college with korinne.

    oh oh oh,

  • she cant place u…maybe it will come to her…how would u have known her?

  • yeah, i dont think she knew me. she was an alpha phi. i knew some people that knew some people that knew some people… more just a recognizing thing. viva las jmu. you know how it works. nevermind, nevermind. we’ll talk later.


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