alternative rock

mulletman in a dress, so so sexy...i want to odo od odo dod od do do dood od dod odo doodd ood - jesus dont want me for a sunbeam...what the fuck does that mean anyways...i wanna die just like jesus christ, i wanna die just like jfk, i wanna die on a sunny day... Yester I was supposed to go to the Siren Festival in NYC with Jessie Belle. But that fell through. I ended up going to a surprise birthday party for Colin. Typically I dont go to parties that are related to work. I like to isolate myself from that. Mixing business and pleasure never work. But I thought making an appearance would look good. Plus I bought his 4 month old daughter some classic books. “Good Night Moon” and “Runaway Bunny” I am sure Colin will read them too! Ha! I love those books, regardless and I hope Emma will too. So, typically, social situations like the surprise birthday party irk me out to no end. I hate shooting the shit. It’s a waste of time for me. I like talking for real. Real shit. And with real people that I know and not just casually. But whatever. It was cool cos most of the people I work with were there. It wasnt a lot of friends and family who I would have to explain to them what I do and where I came from. I hate that shit. It was cool watching Emma. Four month old babies rock. I so want to quit my job and have children. I guess being married would help too. But i guess that’s a detail. Oh and I guess having a vagina is a factor too. Damn the man.

So I stayed there much longer than anticipated. Almost 5 hours. Maybe it was because they had Vege Boca burgers. Yum! And the pool table is always enticing. So I stayed almost 5 hours there. Bizarre. Oh yeah, and this dude, Ben Ko, was there too. I went to high school with Ben. He’s a DJ/Turntable dude now. He also sold Colin his house. I presume that was why he was there. But he knew a lot about vinyl and we chatted a little about that. Among other things like tattoos and 14 year old girls.

When I got back from the par-tay, I did one more critical listen to my mastered CD. I am thinking I want to process it all with the aural exciter. That is one processor what I’ve always loved what it could do. There are so many harmonics that can be brought out with it that you’d not normally hear before using it. Another reason why I run everything through tubes. Tubes just make it all shine even if going direct to digital.

When you jam in Joe’s Garage

Today I did some spring cleaning. Got rid of a lot of old high school tshirts. Some Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Soul Coughing, Poster Children. It’s weird cos it’s like letting go of your childhood. I never thought i’d part with these shirt. But we always need room for new ones. What a metaphor. I am drowning in it. Lifegaurd. And later today, Joe and Daniel are coming. Hopefully they’ll like the mastering I did. And can give me some good feedback. Then some other record people are coming. I still havent received 75% of the RSVPs. I think the only people who emailed me back will continue to stay in the loop. There is no excuse for not RSVPing. Simple shit like that really gets to me.

Catholic Girls

So crunch time is happening. My record is basically done. The artwork is getting finalized. I just need to figure out the details. I am very anxious about it. I am not overly optimistic, but I am hoping for at least a break even deal. As long as i sell enough to pay off the manufacturing costs I will be a happy man. That’s about it for now.

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