”I’ve heard the expression: ‘Life is a bowl of cherries.’ Well, I just ate a bowl of cherries and now I have explosive diarrhea. “

I think this statement was the initial thing that set us off. I can’t be certain. Sig Other and I spent last night laughing. Laughing, giggling, snorting, crowing; what have you, and we were unable to stop. For a good 30 minutes the madness continued. I was in so much pain I was crying and had to leave the room. He was on the floor and couldn’t breathe. His roommates think we’re certifiable. I don’t blame them.

Other People I am Love:

Whoever bought me “The State” video I was writing about last week. Or was it a few weeks ago? Whatever. Point being, I have a super human crush on said person. That is unbelievable! I am thinking it is probably Sig Other himself, because it was put on an AmEx (and he is the only person ever in the world to have one of those “blue” cards…quote “it’s pretty!”), but I barely mentioned it to him. Was it you? Or you? Whatever. I say, thanks. The kindness of people, no matter how bitter I act, is shocking. So if it was someone else out there… props, kudos, kisses, and huzzah!

John’s Hopkins shut down their medical research for the time being. K. works there. Or, used to work there. I am sorry K. No more making people smoke til they puke for the time being. But no fear! Soon enough my pretty, soon enough you’ll be back to doing what you love. Maybe you can waitress part time til then (? ! ? ! ?) Stick with your talents, that’s what I always say. Oh, I tease because I love. I will buy you a Harp’s tonight.

I took part of work off this afternoon to go play with my best friends nieces and nephews. My best friend and her husband are shopping for houses with my mother, who is in real estate. My friend’s neices and nephews are practically being raised by her. So while my Moms and the friend go house hunting, I get the kids. We spent a bunch of time rubbing our heads to the leather car seats so we’d have static head, and then trying to shock each other. I love kids.


Tonight: Baltimore.

MattWithTwoT’s and I are painting the town purple-red on Saturday.

OM Records meeting on Sunday.

Have a pretty Friday.

4 Responses to “cassidy”

  • E-

    I have the AmEx Blue Card.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


  • you are chock full of lies tr.

    was your weekend fabulous?


  • How likely of you, Elle, to accuse me of lying. How likely.

    I was saddened and bewildered to discover that you came up to the Real World B-More and I missed you. Those Philly Cheesesteaks draw me up there all the time, so that’s where I was when you were around. Random note: PA has a series of license plates that boldly Lie and say “You’ve got a Friend in Pennsylvania.” What the f*ck is that supposed to mean? Why are we personifying/diefying the state of the Amish?
    Who is this friend? When is his/her Birthday?


    “My my, I haven’t called my good friend in Pennsylvania in quite some time?” THat just makes no sense, because you have none.

    Moral? Penn. is chock full of crazies; please be aware. Even better; please bear arms.

    Perhaps the readers now think that I am Sig Others based on the loosely held evidence that I have the AmEx?!?!

    Take care, smush-head.


  • it’s better than the VA “Internet” License plates that boldly say DOTCOM on the bottom, I want to hit those people.

    but did you go to INTERCOURSE? or PARADISE? that is the real ???

    And yes, you are a vicious little scamp, I was looking forward to a little TR hilarity at the Real World-Baltimore house and you were absent. Next time, next time.

    Kisses, poochy.


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